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Balmer Lawrie - Balmerol

Balmer Lawrie Industrial Products

Apar Industries Ltd - Poweroil

Certified Labs - USA - Speciality Lubricants

High Temperature Grease

Premium Food Grade Oil

Certified Labs - USA - Speciality Cleaners, Descalers and Degreasers


Other Products:

Industrial Lubricants

Lubricating oils and greases of all brands like HP, BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, IOC, Shell, Castrol, Gulf Oil, Balmer Lawrie and Power Oil... etc..

Automotive Greases
2t Engine Oil
4t Engine Oil
Agricultural Products
Agriculture Pump Set Oil
Agriculture Spray Oil
Aluminium Rolling Oil (Neat)
Auto Engine And Gear Oil
Auto Gear Oil
Auto Gear Ordinary
Auto Lube Ultra
Automotive Barrels
Automotive Gear Oil
Automotive Greases
Automotive Specialties
Automotive Transmission Fluids
Bearing & Circulating Oil
Bearing Oil (Compounded Type)
Brake Fluids
Calibration Fluids
Cement Plant Greases
Chain Greases
Circulating & Hydraulic Oil (Anti Wear Type)
Circulating & Hydraulic Oil (R&O Type)
Circulating Oil (Anti Wear Type)
Complex Greases
Compressor Oil
Compressor Oil
Control Value Hydraulic Fluid
Conveyor Chain Lubricant
Coolant (Genuine Oil)
Coolant / Brake Fluids
Copper Rolling Oil (Neat)
Corrosion Preventives & Dewatering Fluids
Crankcase Oil
Cutting Oil
Cutting Oil - Soluble
Cutting Oil-Soluble
Cutting Oil-Straight
Defence Grades
Defence Specification Grades
Diesel Engine Oil
Direct Customer
Drawing Compounds
Electrical Oil
Enclosed Gear Box Oil
Film Oil
Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid
Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
Food Grade Greases
Food Grade Lubricants
Gas Engine Oil
Gas Engine Oil
Gear Oil
General Equipment & Machinery Greases
General Lubricating Oil
General Purpose Machine Oil
General Purpose Machinery Oil
General Purpose Oil
Genuine Diesel Engine Oil
Genuine Gear Oil / Transmission Oil
Genuine Greases
Greases (All Products On Kg Basis; Small Packs In 20 Kgs)
Heat Transfer Fluids
Heat Transfer Oil
Hydraulic & Circulation Oil
Hydraulic And Circulating Oil
Hydraulic Cum Machine Tool Way Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Oil - Mineral
Industrail Gear Oil
Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
Industrial Gear Oil
Industrial Genuine Oil
Industrial Greases
Industrial Lubricating Oil: Compressor Oil
Industrial Oil
Lubrex Cup Greases
Machine Tool Way Oil
Machinery Oil
Marine Engine Oil
Marine Engine Oil (Crosshead & Trunk Piston Type)
Marine Gear Oil
Marine Grades
Marine Hydraulic Oil
Marine Oil
Marine Steam Cylinder Oil
Marquenching Oil
Metal Working Oil - Deformation Products
Metal Working Oil - Heat Treatment
Metal Working Oil - Neat
Metal Working Oil - Soluble
Metal Working Oil - Synthetic Soluble
Mono Grade Diesel Engine Oil
Monograde Gear Oil
Morgan Bearing Oil
Mould Oil
Moulding Oil
Multi Grade Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil
Multigrade Diesel Engine Oil
Multigrade Gear Oil
Neat Cutting Oil
Neat Honing Oil
New Brands
Open Gear Box Oil
Open Gear Compounds
Other Industrial Oil
Passenger Car Genuine Oil
Passenger Car Motor
Passenger Car Motor Oil
Pneumatic Tool Oil
Pneumatic Tools Oil
Preservative Cum Running-In-Oil
Process Oil
Pump Set Oil
Quenching Oil
Radiator Coolants
Rail Road Oil
Rail Road Oil
Refregeration Oil
Refrigeration Compressor Oil
Refrigeration Oil
Rolling Oil
Rubber Extender Oil
Rubber Process Oil
Rubber Processing Oil
Rust Preventive Oil
Rust Preventives
Secondary - Non Additive
Secondary Non-Additive I (Below 500 Viscosity)
Secondary Non-Additive Ii (Below 500 Viscosity)
Semi-Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oil
Shock Absorber Oil
Slideway Oil
Soluble Cutting Oil
Spark Erosion Fluids
Special Open Gear Compounds
Special Purpose Hydraulic Oil (Anti Wear Type)
Spindle & Textile Oil
Spindle Oil
Stationary Diesel Engine Iols
Stationary Diesel Engine Oil
Steam Cylinder Oil
Steam Cylinder Oil
Steel Plant Bearing Oil
Steel Rolling Oil (Neat)
Steel Rolling Oil (Soluble)
Stern Tube Oil
Straight Mineral Oil
Strip Grinding Oil
Strip Grinding Oil (Soluble)
Sugar Mill Oil
Sugar Mill Roll Bearing Oil
Synthetic Greases
Synthetic Lubricants
Synthetic Soluble Cutting Oil
Textile Oil (Biodegradable & Ecofriendly)
Textile Oil (Scourable Type)
Textile Process Products
Tractor & Pump Oil
Transformer Oil
Transmission / Front Fork Oil
Transmission Oil
Turbine Oil
Two Stroke Engine Oil
Two Wheeler Genuine Oil (Four Stroke)
Two Wheeler Oil (Four Stroke)
Two Wheeler Oil (Two Stroke)
Universal Tractor Oil
Vaccum Pump Oil
Wire Rope Dressing Compound